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mission statement

The Perfect Brand Mission Statement -Case studies

The same way many organizations mixed up the idea of what a brand is the same applies when carving out a good mission statement. The mistake you don’t want to make as an organization is giving people the wrong impression about who you are, what you stand for and who you want to impact on. Also, note that a mission statement is not your vision. That compels us to ask, what is your mission statement?. [...]

Business empire

Golden Guide To Building An Age Long Business Empire

There seem to be inconclusive decisions that surround building a business empire. Building a business is a whole lot. When we say empire, we talk about business that extends beyond boundaries and attracts partnerships. The truth of the fact is that many entrepreneurs have founded their businesses around feeble and short termed structures. Perhaps it is imperative to consider what ideology and structure a business is built upon. Hence, the golden guide. However, asides the misfiring business ideas that kiss [...]


Business Feature ; National Domestic Debts Review

When it applies to business or corporate affairs, it is sure thing to come across the term Borrowing which in its technicality is LOANS. Businesses take loans for a couple of reasons including expansion, investments, high purchases or in real estate etc. Countries take loans to finance development and such is factored into a tangible project that will boost revenue generation. The aim is to take planned and strategic approach towards loans. Now one may ask, Is Nigeria’s National Debts [...]

Generation z cohort studies

Human Resources Framework For Generation Z

Introduction A generation cohort refers to a group born in the same defined period of years. They share certain societal and historical life exposures during their formative years. Members of the group tend to have a homogenous mindset and attitude that is especially unique to their cohort. The mindset, attitude, and values that they develop as a result of the societal exposure, in turn, influence their value systems, response to authority, and workplace value systems. [...]