The curve From Learning To Earning

learning to earning curve

The curve From Learning To Earning

Learning in real fact never ends, however, what you make out of what you learnt is the takeaway cheese.
The general idiosyncrasy is that learning is based on the fact that to learn, one must be sitting in a class. Let’s rebuff this idea right away! Learning in its universality involves all-around human experience and knowledge acquisition. this could be in a formal or informal setting.

In an evolving and Gen Z dominated space, learning has taken a new twist and form. Learning now involves a lot aside from traditional modes we have known through time. Learning has taken many forms words, videos, social media and human relations

Now, whether you learn in a formal setting or informally, the purpose and concern of this post is to address how you earn from learning. Just like in African cosmology, a child sent to school is being prepared for future responsibilities. We are not saying this should be the primary reason to train, but in learning, a person should be able to earn right?.

It is okay to learn for the knowing sake, but it is more relishing to learn to earn from it . This could be put in a place of saying you are making an impact from your gotten knowledge In a field. Now get this, people pay for value. Businesses are set up to solve human problems through the value they offer. This brings us to question the knowledge you have currently, do you think it can add value to society? whether it can or not will determine if you can earn from it.


When next you plan to learn something new, asides from the basic personal impact, look also at the value it will be to people. When people seek your knowledge, it becomes an asset to you; a means of earning. Everyone is up on acquiring new skills as we speak. Statistically, 3.1 million students study fully online and more than 60% of online users have engaged in online learning. So, it’s now all about what you have decided for yourself as a means to add value. If you are reading this probably you are in the percentage, are you earning enough?


Just like in the saying”practice makes perfect”, let’s rephrase it to practice makes money. When you are done learning, the next step is to apply the knowledge else you risk losing grip of them. An average individual retains 90% of what they practice than just learning. So how do you practice? Read on!


Now, when you are done learning don’t develop cold feet. If you do not get clients to serve, apply for internships paid or unpaid where you will get to practice and even earn while working. No knowledge is ever a waste. There are lots of opportunities online to leverage. You would imagine how much a guru you have become in the space of 6 months to a year. There is absolutely no harm trying out your own thing later and being your boss, isn’t that what anyone wants?

learning to earn

learning process


This is the mistake most people make in their careers. Why would you stop learning when change is constant when there is competition when there is room for improvement when there is time. The wise man said “you stop learning when you die” so invariably a sound human should learn every day if not seconds really. Embrace personal development, be the best in what you offer and people will consult you. Remember people are holding your money, but you need to get it by adding value to them.

Do this trick

Remove L from LEARN what do you have? EARN right? In a nutshell, when you are done learning, start earning. Then when you are earning, continue learning. The best you can become is in your capacity to develop and morph.

Your Best Ideas Are Often Your Last Ideas

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