The Perfect Brand Mission Statement -Case studies

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The Perfect Brand Mission Statement -Case studies

The same way many organizations mixed up the idea of what a brand is the same applies when carving out a good mission statement. The mistake you don’t want to make as an organization is giving people the wrong impression about who you are, what you stand for and who you want to impact on. Also, note that a mission statement is not your vision. That compels us to ask, what is your mission statement?.

What is a brand mission statement?

A Mission Statement is your purpose, and a Vision Statement is what you are driving to.

― Mark Villareal

Your mission statement should be a clear and objective expression of your organisation. About what you are doing, how you intend to do it and who you intend to do it for.
Asides from the fact that It gives a certain perception about you to the public, it always helps to focus your employees on what your organisation is all about; culture.

Some exceptional brand mission statements

As an entrepreneur, before writing your mission statement, you can always take inspiration from some great brands out there. However, it’s not about copying, but helping you push out your intentions in the right and precise manner. We culled out notable brands to have a case study on their mission statements.

Apple company

Apple’s Brand statement

Marina Group’s Statement


Google’s mission Statement

As earlier stated, you are in a vantage position to state the audience you are specific about. This goes a long way to help you while you carry out your audience analysis. A good example is below:


Dangote’s Mission Statement

Summarily, remember to ensure that your mission statement pins down to the audience you are particular about else it becomes unrelatable. It is necessary to know what you are for.

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